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I am currently a second year Computer Engineering Student at the University of British Columbia. I enjoy building interesting and meaningful projects that can be impactful to our day to day life. In this rapidly growing world I hope to contribute what I can to the forefront of technological advancement. I like food (I mean who doesn’t?), video games (of course), and coding (who would’ve thought?).

Video Game

I play a lot of video game during my spare time. I mainly play Overwatch and I currently am a member of the UBC Premier Overwatch team. I also enjoy other games such as League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege and Apex Legends.

Software Development

I have a growing interests in software development as I become more exposed to team-based coding projects. I find coding fun and interactive rather than dull and boring school work. Hence the reason I started this website and attended many hackathons.

Career Interests

  • Software Developer
  • Software/Firmware Engineer
  • Game Development


Email: arnoldying825@gmail.com

Phone: 1-778-887-0856